Jaywalkers and Flivverboobs

Ah, the things you can learn.

About 100 years ago (1917), drivers decided to use shame to discourage pedestrians from crossing in odd places across traffic and invented a name (and campaign) against Jaywalkers. “Jay” back then was slang for “idiot”.

Pedestrians tried to strike back by creating a team for careless drivers. After a contest was held, they chose the name “Flivverboobs”. “Flivver” being slang for “cheap car” and “boob” being slang for “idiot”. The shame campaign failed however – with jaywalking still being popular today.

As I commented to the person who shared this with me, now we just called idiot drivers “assholes”. Not as specific of a name as “flivverboob” but effective none the less. Though, I tend to call jaywalkers “dumbasses” because in my neighborhood, they like to try to sneak out between two big SUVs – SUVs that are bigger than they are so I cannot see them until they are right in my path.

Though, I think I will start calling the asshole drivers flivverboobs because, well, there is just something about that name that works. But then again, flivverboobs almost seems like a body insult like “you have flivverboobs” – useful to shame a man or woman, I guess……assuming flivverboobs sounds like the wrong kind of boobs to have.

Though, looking up Flivver in urban dictionary, I learned that it means “almost orgasm for a female – typically occurs with “boys of a selfish nature”.

Then calling someone a “flivverboob” has a whole different meaning.

Language is weird.


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  1. hubman38 says:

    So you get the “Now I Know” email too!

    1. emmyrtws says:

      G does. He forwarded this one because he found it funny. 🙂

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