I really should feel bad when I see someone else’s pain – and I should feel especially bad when I watch from afar and enjoy it.   But in the last couple of weeks, I have had two moments where I feel like Morticia Addams in that photo.  I cannot help but smile and admire the full and glorious splendor by which karma manifests itself.

The German word is “Schadenfreude” when you take pleasure in someone else’s pain.  And while I generally do not like seeing other people in pain.  Seeing people who I’ve experienced first hand at the narcissistic way they do whatever they want regardless of what it does to people – seeing them take a hit or three by karma – well, I must admit that I make an exception.

I doubt that the people having the karma experience realize it.  Having known them as long as I have gives me little faith they see a pattern in things that “keep happening” to them or a connection between their actions and the response.  That’s the funny part of how the universe works – it will keep giving you the same lessons over and over and over again until the lesson is learned.

Until then, I’ll be Morticia.

What do you think?

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