Facebook Friends, Driver’s Licenses, and Spring Break

The thing I love about spring break is that I can get up and out the door much earlier than when everyone is trying to do the same thing. Today, I was at work in record time.

And scared the shit out of a cohort who thought my arrival meant he was late.


Ironically, for my boss, it means arriving much later than usual. Yesterday, he had a meeting scheduled only to realize that he had forgotten about Spring Break. Yeah, he called me when our meeting was supposed to start to apologize because he was not even close to being ready to come into the office.

This is the first time in a while that spring break has found all of us at home – not halfway around the world or in Washington DC or somewhere else. It’s kind of weird to have this happen but also nice to not be rushing around here and there.

Only downside? After getting to almost April without ever getting a cold, I think I’m on the verge of having my first one this year. Here’s hoping my crazy good vitamins help. But the upside? I can sleep instead of having to worry about this or that – so there is a positive.

I think the percentage of gay rugby players in my Facebook friends list has crossed the 50% threshold. Because of the photos I take of their games, I generally get "friend requests" so they can tag themselves in my photos as well as see the future photos that I take. I didn’t understand the consequence of this until I looked through my timeline this morning and noticed the following:

  • An increased discussion about Ru Paul’s Drag Race
  • An increased number of events related to things like "disco night at the roller rink" and other LGBT events.
  • An increased number of shared articles about LGBT issues in the US.
  • An increased number of photos of scantily clad men

Don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining. Hell, it is nice relief from the eight million political articles posted by the rest of my friends and family on Facebook. Just really funny to notice a fundamental shift in the status updates.

What is interesting is seeing that the International Gay Rugby account re-posted 4 of my photos from Saturday’s game – then they started following me on Instagram. And they made sure I got photo credit on all of them too. That was a bit of a nice surprise this morning.

Last week, I uploaded all of the rugby photos by game to my SmugMug photo account. Then I upgraded the account and set price lists and all for people who want to download the original images. I had an idea for a price per image download – then did a google search to see if I could find what others charge. All I have to say is that I could not charge what others charge. $10 per image download for personal use. Yeah, I’m not looking to screw people over. We’ll see if it makes me any money or not. I just needed to get them off my computer – and thought I’d make it easy for people if they wanted to download them for a fee. In the past, my answer has been no – and I pushed them to buy a print from me. I guess this is more flexible. And I freed up about 10 gigs of hard drive space on my laptop. I told G that after this game on Saturday, I’ll have shot 12 of their games during the past year. Crazy.

DJ got her official paperwork for getting her license yesterday. It’s all crazy official – lamented and watermarked with reflective ink card as well as an official letter signed and certified. Made me wonder if there is a black market making fake driver’s ed certificates and cards. We did laugh at the fact there was a line about how they believe she is a good citizen who will make good choices while driving. She laughed, "In other words, they don’t believe I have any desire to commit vehicular homicide."

I will have to give it to her. I rode with her yesterday, and in two weeks, she went from being still a bit scary to a pretty smooth driver in control of the car. Her confidence was zero before driver’s ed – but is 100% better now. G and I agreed that we would both sign off on her license. Though damn – it is weird thinking she’ll be driving by herself by the end of the week.

I have a day full of meetings today. 3 hours is with the "management team" for IT. Lord help me. While I like them all, I pointed out to my boss last week that their first response to anything is why it cannot be done. 100% of the time. Given this is a culture of getting things done, it is interesting they start with "no". I realized yesterday how much that is getting old. But to be fair, my patience and tolerance was lower than normal yesterday due to me feeling not 100% well.

Oh well, onto my day –

What do you think?

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