Childhood Friend

I remember the first day of 5th grade.  There was this guy in our class who was new.  He was from the Pacific Northwest, and his dad had been transferred to the middle-of-no-where Iowa.  He and I, for whatever reason, became friends.

And that friendship has never ended.

34 years later, we are still friends.

The distance hasn’t mattered.  The gaps in communication haven’t mattered.  He was my bride’s maid in my wedding. I supported him as he dealt with his parent who believed homosexuality was a sin – and didn’t know what to do with his gay son.  I knew what to do – love and support him.

Facebook made it easier staying in contact.

And tomorrow – tomorrow, we see each other.  The first time in like 8 years.

The last time we saw each other, he looked at DJ and realized we met when we were the same age as she was.  Then we both realized how old we were.  But thank God we don’t look at that old.

This is one of the VERY few people who knows me.  He knows my life growing up – he knows my secrets and I know his.  Over the past few years, I have confessed being kinky and poly and doing erotic art.  He has laughed and told me he loved me and rejoiced that we were both sluts in our own ways.

That’s the thing I love about this guy –

Nothing has really ever changed.  We both love and support each other.  We laugh and we tease and we just fucking bask in the fact that 34 years after we met that we are still friends.

The only difference?

We now can afford to consume the good alcohol while we laugh our asses off.

God, I cannot wait to have a weekend with him.

What do you think?

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