I’ve had too much caffeine –
Or at least that’s what I’ve decided is making me ac acutely aware of things like the spinning of the earth or how the floor vibrates because of the mini-fridge about 10 feet away from me.

Funny how much more aware too much caffeine can make me.

G has a cold. It was finally going away until a couple days when it came back with a vengeance. No matter what he takes, nothing is touching the cough that is waking me up all night.

Thus the caffeine for me today.

At least today my head doesn’t feel like it wants to explode.

I just walked over to talk to a cohort. He has been with the company for a long time. Open, on his desk, was a book of active IT Service Requests. I did a double take when I saw the date — 2007. Yes, that is right – he is working on a request put in 10 years ago. *shakes head* I’m really hoping that my over caffeinated mind saw the wrong year, but fuck, I’ve heard rumors about there being requests (handwritten on paper, btw) that were that old, so maybe I did see it right.

Goes along with the 90 minute conversation I had with the lead developer. When I got done, I seriously needed a drink. Ninety minutes of realizing why a project requires EVERYONE on the development team to touch it and work on it. Yes, we are single threaded on this team. No wonder people are frustrated. I guess that’s one way to stay employed.

In a day or so, I will be getting 23 books in the mail. Then a day later, I’ll get the other 3. My boss offered to pay for me to attend this IT leadership seminar that a well known organization puts on each year. It’s 8 months of reading and discussion fun. I know a few people who have taken it and found it a great enhancement to their skill set, so after making sure it fit into my calendar, I accepted his offer to pay for it (and sponsor me to take it). The books are all not leadership books or even business books. One is a Hemingway book. It is going to be an interesting seminar. I feel I’m fairly self aware in terms of how I am as a leader. I’m learning that I definitely have a bigger chance here at this company than I realized – especially in a leadership role. It has been so long since I’ve taken any professional development classes that I’m excited about taking it. Plus, I get six days out of town without the family on the company dime. Score!

My beloved smart watch has been slowly dying for the past year, but since the company got purchased by Fitbit, it has been rapidly dying. At first, I joked that it was a ploy to get me to abandon my watch. But then I started watching my applications stop working completely. Guess my joke stopped being a joke. Looking at my replacement options, I realized that I was being driven to an Apple Watch. I was still waffling on the idea of getting one when G got an amazing deal through a friend with a connection. Needless to say, I now have an apple watch. I like it but it’s weird getting used to it. My other smart watch worked on a "keep it simple" principal. This one is probably simple if that’s all you’ve used. But compared to the other one, it’s not as simple. But I like it though it was easier to put on. It has a weird strap, IMO.

I’m gathering my supplies to start printing photos for my upcoming show at a local winery. I’m hoping to do some bigger prints. Definitely going to be interesting. And I feel that I have no shortage of photos to chose from. Oh, what a problem to have!


Time for more coffee…..though I really shouldn’t. Just have more work to do – and not enough energy to do it. Hmm….coffee….

What do you think?

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