Hello World?

For those of you who do not get the subject reference, the first thing you typically learn to do in a programming class is to create an output of "hello world". Yes, I am a geek.

But why is this relevant? I setup a way for me to post without having to log into my site directly while at work. Hey, sometimes writing inspiration strikes in unusual places. And since I’m still trying to sort out what is and is not allowed here, I figure I should have options that don’t involve exposing my secret site to the department’s internet logs. And after meeting the guy who seems to know everything about networks and all, it’s best to keep off of his radar.

So, this will be the post to see if my new setup has worked.

Hello world?

Assuming the best, I guess I could write more.

  • I work with a cast of characters that entertain me greatly. The other day, one was telling a story that started with, "A friend of mine who used to work here used to make me go to bars with him after work because he wanted to pick-up chicks – I guess I was his wing man. So he would to find a girl he wanted to talk to, go up to her, and say ‘you have to hear my friend’s suppository story’ to which I replied, ‘which one?’" Let’s just say the story was funnier than hell.
  • The cat bought himself catnip from Amazon the other day. Let’s just say, it’s fun keeping the oldest guessing about the goings on of her cat while she’s at school.
  • I had a weird interaction w/ someone the other night. She was commenting about wanting to try something but feeling like she could not be successful. I was going to use a friend of mine as an example, so I started telling the story, then asked "you know XYZ, right?" Figured I thought she did, but figured I would check. She was like "of course, but how do YOU know him?? When did you meet? How well do you know him? He and I are friends on FB. We’ve played before." I was so taken back by this sudden turn where I was being asked to not only explain how I know him but other aspects to demonstrate the breadth and depth of our relationship. Instead of telling my story using him as an example for her of success, I was not being drilled on my friend. "Well when did you meet him," she finally asked. I met him almost 8 years ago now. "Oh. But how have you known him that long??" I’m still a bit baffled at why the fact I am friends with this guy is an issue. I have some suspicions, but fuck. Left such a bad taste in my mouth that it was hard to get past. I ended up leaving after it. People are odd.
  • We’re buying DJ a car this weekend. Given all of the hours she needs to drive, we need to get her something she spends more time driving than cussing at. So weird to think she will have her own car. But hey, it gets me out of the driving biz.

Ok, guess I should
A) see if this works
and B) get to working.
Happy Friday

What do you think?

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