Another Day of Winter

I saw a photo showing snow falling in the upper elevations.  I texted G who was on his way back from dropping DJ off at her Driver’s Ed drive and told him we were going to find snow.  I wanted photographs.

As we were getting gas, big flakes started falling.  I had started wondering if maybe he wouldn’t need to find elevation to find snow, but I was skeptical it would stay long enough to photograph.  Up the hill we went.

And we found great snow too.  The flakes were the size of quarters.  Just being outside in it for a few minutes, and I was covered in flakes.  And being at the higher elevation meant snow and fog in the trees.  I was happy to capture the magic.

As we drove back into town, the snow changed back to rain.  It’s still fucking cold outside.  When I went back out in it later to get DJ from Driver’s Ed, the rain was thick but not quite snow.

I’m really ready for it to be spring.  

PS: This was supposed to be posted yesterday.  We ended up getting no snow at our elevation but instead sent it to the north of us.

What do you think?

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