An Ode to My Team

Last week, I heard how I was disrupting everyone’s job at work.

My boss went immediately into reactive mode – afraid if he didn’t, people would freak out and quit.

That put me in a weird space.  I was already worrying about what I was doing that was right and wrong in terms of the company culture – but this made it even worse for me. Are my basic interactions hurting things??

In the end, my boss decided to talk to the whole group about how things are transitioning.  It went well, but there were still times where it was clear that I was causing the disruptions for people. I sat there just listening – I mean, what can I say – I was hired to fill a role, I did – sorry I did it too well? I don’t know.

Later, we had a manager’s meeting.  There were four of us in there with our boss.  He asked for feedback – how are things going?

I stayed silent, I mean, I’m five weeks into this gig – and the feedback I have gotten is how much my role is fucking with other people.  What is there to say?

Each person that spoke in that meeting did one thing – they made it VERY fucking clear that my role was needed and loved and appreciated……I was not the problems – the problem was the near-term, to-be-state was not defined.

“Emmy brings forth an organization of what usually comes out way in an unorganized manner. What if we let that get settled, shift people around, then make further changes? I mean, maybe she is really what we need.”

I sat there dumbfounded.  The last few weeks, I have tried not to be the one that is just taking over and tossing them aside.  I was worried I was doing things wrong.  I was worried I wasn’t paying enough attention to organizational change.  But in the end, it was my boss who wasn’t.   And they made that VERY clear.

After the meeting, a few of us talked more.  I realized that I could, if I pushed it, be put in charge of all of them.  They clearly respect me.  They like what I do. They trust me.  They have accepted me as one of them.  That’s a big deal.

As we were talking about this and that, I couldn’t help be sit there in awe of one simple fact – I fucking love this place. I love the quirks. I love the respect. I love how they are willing to do what needs to be done to take things forward. The other day, they were like “do you need us to do X because we will.” I pointed out that no team has EVER wanted to do X without a fight.  “Really? Because if it helps, we’ll do it.”

I’m in the twilight zone.

But a good story.

Yeah, I love this place – I love the team – I love the people – I love the fact they are so fucking flexible in terms of change.

And I love how honest they are.

I’m glad this is where I landed.

What do you think?

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