A Foggy Sunday Morning

“I must go in, the fog is rising.”
~Emily Dickinson (her last words)

I woke up at about 6 am which surprised me because I had gone to bed late.  I laid there in bed, pinned to the bed by a sleeping pit bull, wondering why I was awake.  But awake I was.

So I read for a bit with the assumption that it would put me back to sleep.


I finally snuck out of bed for coffee.  I figured if I was awake that I may as well just start my day.  As I made my coffee, I marveled at the fog outside.

God, I love fog.

I finished my coffee, then snuck back in the bedroom to get dressed.  My camera and the fog were calling me – telling me to go explore.  G was awake and asked what I was doing. I explained, and he decided he had time to come with me.  Score! Some places I go are easier to shoot when I have a driver.

The fog was starting to lift, and I almost went back inside figuring the moment was lost.  But I figured I would see how much it had really lifted before deciding what to do. I found some good places where the fog was still lingering.

I shot about 50 photos, then headed home.  The fog was lifting; it was time to go inside.  It was time to put down the camera and do other things.

What do you think?

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