To Manifest

Manifest – To show or demonstrate plainly; reveal

With energy work, manifesting means focusing your energy on what you want the universe to make happen – what you want it to reveal to you.

It seems to be my work of the last 45 days.

Today, I signed the acceptance letter for the job I wanted.  It was working with and for a man that I respect and work well with.  The team is amazing. The company is the right size and great.  I really wanted this job. My wake-up call this morning was the man I respect calling to inform me he was sending me my offer letter.  While I was half awake, he was bouncing off of the walls with excitement.  I cannot wait to work for this man.  At one point, he told me that I was the only person he has worked with that he wanted to keep working with.  I am still at a loss of words for that.

Despite the best efforts of my printer which decided to stop working today, I got it printed off and scanned in to send back.  Something has never felt so right. Honestly.

My dad’s response? “Who am I going to talk to each day??”  I feel him. I will miss my almost daily talks with my dad.  Thankfully I will have my commute and a headset.


Since the end of last March, I have been fixated on getting not just a job, but the right job.  I have been wanting to work at a smaller company – a role where I can influence how things work. I wanted to work for a team that was a good team – one that loved their jobs, got excited about new things, and were excited to come to work each day.  Nailed it.

Fast forward a few hours, and I got another email.

“Yes I’d love to have you show your art at our winery in North Plains.”

I had followed up to a VERY short conversation I had with a winery owner a few weeks ago, and that was his response…..followed by “we are open for a show in April – the art launch would be on this date.  Does that work?”

Uhm, let me think….FUCK YES.


Seems to be a word on my mind and my lips lately.

Seems to be the right word for what I feel right now.

While not everything I have wanted has manifested, have reminded me not to lose focus, have pointed out to not to lose hope – not to change my thoughts.

The energy flows where your thoughts go.

Yes, universe, I hear you.

Yes, universe, I will try to remember that.

And thank you.

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  1. Kristy K says:

    Yay! Congratulations on both the job and the show! I am so excited for you.

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