Snow Day – Day 4

I spent close to 3 hours on the roads today as I had to run kids here and there as well as do some errands.

And was reminded why it is a good idea that I do not own a gun.

The levels of stupid today were beyond my usual tolerance and quickly threatened to turn into road rage.

I must give it to the local city workers.  They have cleared some of the freeways nicely.  But it is a false sense of freedom really as the clear and dry freeway turns immediately into horrible ice several inches thick.  Going 50 mph and hitting that is a recipe for an accident especially if the people behind you have not given proper stopping distance between them and you.  This did not happen once or twice but everywhere I went.  It was no wonder that when I got home from the first round that I was just fucking done with the idiots.

Later, when I had to go pick kids up, it was round 2 of the same exact shit but this time in the dark.

Fuck me.

Then after coming home from that trip, I drove up to my house to find that someone decided my parking spot in front of my driveway was a parking spot for anyone.  WHO DOES THAT?!?  G suggested I block the person in (because there was a proper parking spot behind the car).  Given the stupid already exhibited, I can’t risk the cars because with my luck it would be mine, not the other car, damaged.

Yeah, I’m ready for this shit to be over.

Oh and the other fun part of today? Coming home from being gone and finding my wonderful dog dug out my favorite running tights of the laundry so she could chew holes into them.  She is still alive – but only because of intervention.   Needless to say, her days of being trusted are over again.

Why yes, today has been a shitty day for me? Why do you ask?

And where is that bottle of wine……

What do you think?

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