Snow Day – Day 2

Today was the day the family started going stir crazy.  For me, I don’t know what it was. I had a hard time getting up this morning.  When I finally did, coffee and breakfast would not aid in me waking up.  My allergies which haven’t been an issue in weeks seemed to rear their ugly heads today.  My eyes itched, I was sneezing, and I felt like my immune system was telling me to fuck off.  At about 11:30 am, I cried uncle and went back to bed.  I got up about 2 pm.

I got up to a house going stir crazy.  G was like a caged animal, pacing the joint looking for something to do.  When I finally cornered him to find out what was wrong, he pointed out that he had an extended winter break due to a snow event before the holidays, taught for three days last week, and has not taught at all this week.  “I’m going crazy,” he exclaimed.

I knew we needed to go to the bank, so I told him to grab a shovel.  Let’s dig out my car, so we can go.

This is the weather I miss my Outback.  It’s ground clearance.  It’s good suspension.  Don’t get me wrong, my WRX is a giggle to drive and does well in the snow.  But we had a foot of snow on the ground and the roads……and it doesn’t have even close to that clearance.  I knew my front end was going to be a plow in certain areas.  And I was right.  I got out of the parking spot, and we were off.  I went to go across the busy street that also has the commuter train tracks and BAM!!  The ruts of the tracks were so much deeper than the snow/ice on the road that I felt like I threw out my back.  The suspension on my car is hard.  It is like a sports car.  So hitting those ruts like I did meant our bodies took the force of the hit.  Ouch.

We got to the bank as I cursed the way the chains have killed the roads.  I wanted to go a bit further past the bank to take some photos.  “Are you taking me for a milkshake,” G asked.  Sure, why not.  If a milkshake will keep him from pacing the house like a caged animal in a bad zoo, it’s a small price to pay.

The milkshake place is near one of my favorite bridges, so I sent him inside while I grabbed my camera to take a photo.  Unfortunately, the bad drivers, bad light, and bad angle kept me from getting any shots.  On the way home, I saw the photo I wanted.  I think I scared the walkers when I took the corner a bit too fast and parked the car in the deep snow.  I had snow boots on which helped make sure I got through the snowbank without regret and found the perfect place for the shot.  The light was right.  The trees framed the subject in just the right way.  All was good.  I took a number of shots, then we headed back into the crazy traffic.  About a mile into our trek home, a huge 4×4 truck (aka: Sorry ’bout your penis, dude) wasn’t paying attention and slammed on his breaks.  He was in front of me.  It was a true test to see if the room I gave myself was enough.  It was.  I downshifted, hit the breaks, and started chanting “stop, stop, stop, stop” as I all but willed the car to stop.  It did stop without hitting him or anyone else.  I ended up giving him even more room as we continued on.  Even that was almost not enough given his crazy ass driving.  Gotta love it when we get snow and ice out here in the place that doesn’t see snow and ice, all of the 4×4 owners seem to drive like a bat out of hell as though they are invincible.  Ironically, they are usually the ones slipping and sliding and causing issues.

We made it home without incident only to find that someone took my spot – the spot that we had dug out earlier.  I should explain that everyone who spent the time digging out their cars has earned their reserved spot on the street.  People have respected the effort and not parked their cars in their now clear spot on the street.  G jumped out, grabbed the shovel, and started shoveling out the spot in front of our driveway so that I had a place to park.  After I parked, I resisted the urge to bury the car now in my spot.  What can I say, sometimes you have to help karma out.

Tomorrow no one has school again.  A good choice by the school districts, in my opinion.  Most of the houses by G’s school are without power and have been for 2 days now.  They aren’t expected to get power for another day at least.  The roads up to his school are mostly closed.  Even when they get them re-opened, it is short lived.  The trees are so heavy with snow that they are toppling over.  They don’t expect us to get above freezing until Monday.  Hell, you know it’s bad when the city of Seattle sends crews and equipment to the city in an attempt to help get things going again.

As for me, I want things to thaw so that we can do laundry again.  Our washer and dryer are in our mudroom which is attached to the house and unfortunately, means pipes that can freeze when it is cold because of how the room is plumbed.  My dad has an ingenious idea of how to solve this issue, but we have to wait until spring.  Until then, we have it setup so we don’t break pipes anymore.  (Though between G and me, we are good at replacing pipes out there now.)  I had been keeping the laundry going which keeps the pipes open, but an overnight freeze ended that (and I wasn’t going to stay up all night babysitting the washing machine).

Outside of that, I hope we don’t go stir crazy in the next few days.  And I am resisting the temptation to take a trip out to the gorge for shots of the frozen and snowy waterfalls.  Though, if I still had my outback, I’d bet on my way in the morning.  Maybe when DJ gets her license in March, we’ll have to find her a car to drive.  It may just be an outback.

What do you think?

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