Gee, What’s On My Mind?

I went to bed exhausted last night.  I was happy to curl up under the comforter to get nice and warm before finding sleep.  The cold day turned into a cold night, and living in a 100-yr-old house means drafts of that cold into the house and a furnace working hard to keep up.  Curling up under covers sounded so good.

I seemed to drift from into sleep and straight into my first dream.

The job interview tomorrow.

It was just like most crazy dreams: totally weird and unrealistic.  It seemed to jump all over the place like crazy dreams do.  Then I woke up, rolled over, and fell back into another dream.

This one about the art show tonight.

I dreamed I had gone to a munch beforehand.  Weird things occurred.  I tried to get out of there. I was running late.  I just couldn’t seem to get to the opening for one reason or another.

Then I woke up, rolled over, and fell back into another dream.

Back to the job interview – new dream variation.

This is how my night went – over and over and over again.  It is no wonder I woke up exhausted.  It is no wonder I feel like I could have slept all day.  It’s no wonder it may take a gallon of coffee to get me going.

I may need a nap this afternoon.  But with my luck, I won’t sleep but instead, fret that I’ll oversleep and miss the art show.

Thanks, Brain, for deciding to use my sleep time to work through all of the subconscious thoughts you have on both the show and the interview.

What do you think?

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