A Goodish Monday

Another day, another day that was good.

Seriously, each day I go to work is another day where I just want to have more time to do more for it.  Over the weekend as I was doing this and that, I finished an audio book about an IT business approach.  I started a new book today.

I have documented stuff.  I have gone to work early then lost track of time.  I have learned a lot about, well, a lot.  And each day I get up, I think “Wow, I get to go back again.”

Tonight before leaving, I was talking to the senior applications developer about this and that.  He’s a funny guy from Montana.  He went to college, got a degree, then became really good at doing a particular labor task.  He got so good, that he was THE guy people called in the area to work jobs.  He was making an incredible living until someone tried to screw his crew over.  He exploded at the jobber and quit.  He was starting to see skilled laborers being treated like shit – being subject to illegal practices – so he gave it all the finger and took a job where he didn’t need to be the boss and was just a physical job.  Six months later, they transferred him into IT because he was out programming the IT guys.

Since I started, anytime something comes up that is related to my job title, he announces, “This is a job for Emmy”.

That may sound like he’s being an ass, but he’s really enjoying the fact there is someone to go to battle with those who need to be set straight.  I think he also enjoys that each time he says this, I go “What’s going on – explain it to me.”  So he does.  Good stuff.

The second day I was working, he argued with me a bit before giving me what I need.  Now, he’s like “oh, ok – let’s do it.”

I feel that I’ve been accepted as one of them.

The only thing weird today was this underlying sadness.  It so conflicted with how I was feeling about all that was around me – and all that was happening.  I don’t know what it was – I really don’t.  All I know is that my emotions were raw.

I flipped through all of my music – searching for this or that.  Something to distract me – or take my mind elsewhere.  G made a suggestion that wasn’t a good one.  Then he suggested old school hip-hop/rap.  I downloaded an album of the group suggested – and started listening to that as I was working.  It helped for a short time.  Just is still here.

I’m pretty sure I know where this is coming from.  Another unexpected timing to have these feelings hit.

I need a beating, I guess.  I know that would help on some level. Hmmm…..<goes to look at Fetlife to see if there is party coming up.>


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