Zen and The Art of Being Happy Like A Pitaroo

“I want to be happy like your dog,” the mother of Indigo’s friend decided.  She had come to pick up her kid and was greeted at the door by the crazy pitaroo.  She has a bigger dog than my dog, so nothing Maggie can do will bother her.

In the middle of exchanging pleasantries as our kids got their shit together, she announced her desire – to be happy like my dog.

“I mean, look at her, she is just so excited to see me.  She wants pets and love and is just so happy to get both.  I want a life like her – with no stress and only people and things that make her happy.”

I took a bath tonight, and as I was walking back into the bedroom, I found the crazy pitaroo on my bed, under the covers.  Her look was a combination of “please don’t throw me off of the bed” and “I’m so wonderfully warm – I love covers.”  Before I took a bath, she had found her tennis ball and kept dropping it on our laps hoping we would throw it for her.  Yes, we played a mini game of fetch with a 90 lb pitbull in my small living room.  I don’t know who was happier: the pit bull or the rest of the family giggling at her crashing into the couch and chairs and such.  At the end of the game, she had the ball in her mouth and collapsed on the floor with the goofiest grin on her face.  (Pit bulls grin – I swear to the Gods – new and old and of your choice.)

Happy like Maggie.

  1. Wag a lot.
  2. Be happy to see everyone.
  3. Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation, joy, and love.
  4. Kisses for everyone.
  5. Cuddles are the best.
  6. And sometimes, when something happens especially awesome, you should just sit there and grin.

Maybe this woman is onto something –

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