Motivational Monday

I often tell people this – “No” is a full sentence. It does not require explanation. It does not require excuses. It is a complete and full sentence.

Lots more than you think are cheering you on. Never ignore that!

Truth. The few I have loved in life have ever put me in a situation where I can remain angry. .

This is one I am trying to remember – both in the physical and metaphorical sense.  I am trying to remember that those who are talking about others – making them seem like shit while they are great.  Well, they are no different than the men who are driving big trucks and acting like everyone is below them.  They all have small dicks. And regardless of size, being a dick isn’t going to make your own bigger than anyone else’s dick.  Just going to prove to the world that you are an insecure person w/ a small dick.

What do you think?

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