Manifesting Something Good

“Your energy flows where your attention goes.”

I woke up this morning to two things: an unexpected text message and a phone call.

The phone call was about a job.  A former cohort of mine, one of the few I respected at the last company, took a job as CIO at a small company.  Immediately, he let me know one very important thing: he wanted me on his management team.

A month ago, he called to tell me how the first 10 days of his job were going.  “You aren’t ready to sell the house yet, are you? Can you hold out on unemployment a bit more?”   I assured him all was fine.  No selling the house, kids, or anything else.  He wanted to also know my salary range, so he can make sure it is in his range too.  All was good there.  “We will talk after Thanksgiving” is where we left it.

Today, he filled me in on the 2 jobs he is creating.  “Which do you want?”  Everything about this company screams opportunity.  And both positions don’t just give me influence over what happens; I’ll be defining what happens. Each time something comes up that tempts me, I measure it against this job and why it excites me.  Then pass.

I am trying to keep focused on the outcome I want.

  • I want to be a #2 behind a strong leader. Check.
  • I want to be part of a company that is small to mid-sized. Check.
  • I want to be part of a company that values technology. Check.
  • I want to be part of a team of people who want to learn and grow and do better. Check.
  • I want to be part of an industry that will provide good learning opportunities. Check.

This is what I want to manifest.  So far, it feels like I’m going the right direction with the job hunt.  I feel like I’m going to do something that will make me happy.  Plus, it would really suck because key locations for this business are near the ocean.  I’m going to have to go spend at least a week out there learning the business.

The text message was from a kinky man I recently connected with.

Last week, I went to a munch I like to attend.  Even though they reserve an area for us away from the main area, a family with small children saw it as a place for them to eat, let their kids run around, and not worry about bothering people.  I was early, so went to the bar to get a drink and wait until they leave.  Kinky people + families = someone getting offended. Yeah, I’ll be over at the bar.

As I was at the bar sipping my beer, another person showed up and came over to see me.  “What’s up with the kids?” he asked.  I explained that’s why I was where I was, and I’m willing them to leave.  We started having such a great conversation that we didn’t notice the family had left and others were arriving until one of the munch leaders came over and said something.  We went back, joined the group, and talked with others the remainder of the night.

I was over talking to a good friend of mine who had pulled me over into the conversation he was having with several other people when the guy I had been talking to was getting ready to leave.  He said his good-byes to everyone, then made a bee-line over to give me a huge hug.  Took me a bit by surprise really.

As I was getting into my car a bit later, I realized something kind of important — I wasn’t 100% sure of his name.

Ah, details, right?

I finally figured out who he was on Fetlife as well as his name.  And from his profile, I started wondering if maybe I was misreading our interaction.  Then I was like “screw that thinking – I had a great interaction with someone who made me laugh. I’m focusing on that, and not the what-ifs.”

This week, he made his intentions clear.

Multiple times.  Multiple times since even that munch.

 Each time I have had a moment where negativity tries to creep in, I push it aside and focus on the positive.  Even when a couple of my friends made negative comments about him, I reminded myself that they have never liked anyone I’ve dated during the past 7 years.  No point in letting their thoughts creep into my own.  We shall see what manifests.

G pointed out the good I manifested a week ago where I put all of my energy into make something happen with my art.  And I did.  I made a lot happen.  I did it by not fretting. Or if I did worry or feel nervous, I reminded myself it was part of the process and to focus on a good outcome, not a bad one that I worry about.

It’s funny when I start seeing things manifest – the good things manifest – it reminds me of how I need to change my thinking – it reinforces the need to focus on the positive outcome.  At the munch this week, I felt my energy much higher than it has been.  My tantra teacher commented once that you can tell when you’re energy is good because people subconsciously are drawn to it.  I noticed that happening not only there but in other situations too.  People want to talk to me. People are hugging me.  People seek to interact. All the things my teacher said are signs.

“I think this is going to be the year of Emmy – where you are going to have things go right – fall into place. It seems to be happening already,”  G commented earlier.

Manifesting…..I’m trying to focus on manifesting what I want instead of doubting myself, questioning too much, and putting my energy behind things I don’t want happening.

I want good things to happen.

I want that fog to clear and all that I’ve wanted to be behind it to be there.

It’s time.

What do you think?

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