Gagging The Voice In My Head

Tomorrow, I am selling my photographs at a pop-up shop.

And I would be lying if I said I was not nervous.

All week long, the people running the show have been posting blurbs advertising the show and who will be there selling things.  I look at these other people and see people who have been doing this for a living. I see people who are well established and showing all over the place.  I see….

…well, in short, I see all of the things I don’t feel I am.

Then I worry.

Will people come by and think my art is not worth what I’m charging?
Will they come by and only buy my really cheap things?
Will people be polite, then buy nothing?

It is so freaking hard for me to put me out there.

Then on top of putting me out there, I think about the money I could make tomorrow. I think about how it would be a good time to add extra money to my bank account.  And, I guess that just adds to the pressure.

I am trying to keep my thoughts positive. I am trying to believe that things will be just fine – that only good things will manifest.

In short, I am trying to gag that fucking voice in my head that wants to talk more about the fear.

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  1. Kristy K says:

    How did it go? I’d love a link to your photography for sale if you have it online somewhere.

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