Day 8: Ornament

Since we don’t have a tree yet, this will have to do.

Last night, I was chatting with someone about the weather forecast for today.  Half of the schools in the area had closed by about 5pm last night.  The question became what would the city school district do.  “Decide at 4am,” was the message that they sent all of the parents.

Then they announced at 10pm last night they were canceling school today.

After several hours of wondering if they overreacted, the snow started really coming down and covering everything.  And the wind from the east makes it fucking cold.  In the end, they made the right decision.  We are not equipped for this kind of weather.  This would have been a mess for parents and kids and educators.

We have had a fire all day – and enjoyed watching the birds go crazy at the bird feeder. It is funny how active they are when it’s cold.


What do you think?

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