Day 4: Joyous

Now that the show is done, I can concentrate on my idea for presents for my nieces.  A few months ago, I came across a pattern to make stuffed whales out of denim.  Cool, I thought, we have jeans slated to be tossed since they were kind of destroyed for wearing. I’ll use them and make whales.  Today, I tried it out.  A test run.  Because the pattern was created by someone who freehanded it and gave vague instructions.  My kind of pattern as even with instructions, I would rarely use them if they were there.   So, I spent the last couple hours making my first whale.  I screwed up the fins which are attached at different places on each side.  And the tail apparently could use some viagra to keep them more in place.

But it makes me laugh – it’s a whale.  With antlers.  What could be more joyous!

What do you think?

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