Day 1: Your View Today

After writing about creating my own December photo challenge, I am here to say I changed my mind.  One of my kids sent me a message a few hours ago with a photo challenge she found.  “Moe, we should do this one together! I think it could be awesome!”

Both my kids have an eye for things. My oldest is constantly making art.  My youngest has a great eye for perspective regardless of the camera she uses.  So, this could be interesting.  I get to bond with one of the kids – and keep pushing myself to do photos.  Double win!

This was my view earlier.  The view from my office.  I have a standing desk to my left.  Below the windows is my huge cutter for trimming down photos.  And this is my view as I’m standing there working back and forth.  Maybe I’ll do a follow-up shot of what is on the wall above my standing desk.  I love how I set it up.

What do you think?

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