30 Days – Day 8: Friendship

I went back and forth about this prompt and how to photography it.  My daughter DJ was like “take a photo of the dancing lady and your hops – that show friendship as the hops wrap around her for support – and she is happy to give it – and all.”  I had taken a few other photos – then did her suggestion.  Why not,  I mean, I could not capture anything else.


How sad is that?

A couple of weeks ago, I captured the rugby guys in a moment where they epitomized friendship.  I could have used that and no one would know.

I have picts of the dogs getting along as friends.

I have picts of the cats (before they died) getting along as friends.

But true friendship…..it alluded me.

Reality is – I have few friends.  A few of you really  can include yourself in that group and without my objections.  To have friends is to be vulnerable and honest and true – and I was raised to be honest and true and strong (aka not vulnerable).  For the few I have met that have led me to “drop my wall” – they have seen and appreciated who I am.  That person is hard to be because there is too much risk – too much vulnerability. I feel like a cat showing it’s belly. I want it scritched but don’t because that is a risk I’m scared to take. So, I bite.

Maybe what doesn’t help is the election results tonight. I will never claim to be “with her” but I know for sure I will never be “with him”. If making America great again means losing my rights and losing my influence, well, fuck that shit. I will not go quietly into that night – and for those who do, well, fuck you too.

So, I don’t know what I’m grateful for tonight.

For friends who feel the same way?

I guess.

I guess what I am sad for  is having a friend to make me feel like it will be OK. Cause I don’t feel like itwill be. For me. Or for my girls.

Hard to feel grateful when feeling like I may have failed them.


What do you think?

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