30 Days – Day 5: Knowledge

This knowledge post is going to be different than most would expect.  I have taken too many rugby photos the last few weeks. I have tried capturing the game through my camera – mainly out of desire to allow the players to see what they were doing. But honestly, I have done it in hopes they gain knowledge.

I am grateful for the things in my life that have gained me knowledge.

I watch the rugby guys play – through my lens and as a fan – and see what they do right and what they do wrong.  I see it as a person who has been playing sports since she was seven.  I have seen it as a person who has played multiple sports too.  I have seen it as a person forced to watch other sports with my dad and brothers, and chose to learn in versus shun it.

I am grateful I have that knowledge.

Knowledge of a sport allows you to slow down plays and think about what to do next, vs try to apply brute force.

Knowledge of a strategy allows you to pass intelligently instead of hoping someone is nearby as you do a toss-and-hope pass.

Knowledge of a position lets you have more fun. Why? Because you stop worrying about where you should be – or should be – and just be.  That’s something that removes the stress and helps you play.

Knowledge for me allows me to take photos that result in being the profile photos of most of the team.  It allows me to be in the right place at the right time.  It allows me to capture versus react to photos.

I am truly appreciative for that knowledge.

Especially as a I try to figure out how photography can make me money – not just feed me.

Today, I shot photos in the rain.  I am thankful that I know why things were bad – why things went wrong – and why things were right.  Even if the end result wasn’t my favorite.  I am thankful for the knowledge I have to be where I need to be to do what I wanted to do.



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