30 Days – Day 4: Home

Seventeen-and-a-half years ago, we walked into this house.  It just had come onto the market, and we were pretty much the first people to see it. We silently toured it – from start to finish.  And when we got done, the real estate agent (the mom of a good friend of ours) was like “Okay, so did you like anything about it?”

G and I looked at each other, turned to her, and said “we need to make an offer”.

Both of us, without discussion to influence the other, felt this place was home.


People have wondered many times why we have not moved.  Seventeen years in one house, “don’t you feel like you need more??”  But we never have felt like we need more or want more.  We have done some remodeling over the years.  We have figured out how to fit things into this house and how to use the space.  The space has changed as our needs have.  It has never stopped feeling like home.

And I guess that is the other part.  Neither G nor I had been in one place for any length of time.  Growing up, we moved around a lot.  G did too.  Having roots in a home that feels like us just feels right.  Feels good.

Plus, this house has history – next year, it turns 100 years old.  It is solid. It has good bones.  Just been the right place build our life with our kids.

I am grateful to have found the right place but to have the means to have a home.

I am grateful that my kids won’t tell stories that are framed with “remember when we lived in that one house?”

I am grateful to have a place that is home.


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