30 Days – Day 3: Nature

I have always loved nature. Growing up, my brother and I would go ride our bicycles in a nature preserve almost every day in the summer.  I would go out with my dad hunting, not because I wanted to hunt too, but to be in nature in a way that lets you see and observe things normally missed was something I loved.  Even in college, we would spend so much time enjoying the nearby state park.  Nature feeds me.

I am grateful that I have moved to a state where nature is everywhere.  The city boasts one of the largest city parks.  The park is unlike anything one would expect as it is all hiking trails that let people wander through amazing forests right in the city.  This is a slough that runs around the island near the city.  Amid the people in kakak or on sailboats, you find nests of various large birds raising families or water fowl swimming alongside them.

I am thankful that I live in such a beautiful place.


If you are interested in joining the photo challenge, here are the prompts:

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