30 Days – Day 2: Love

Today’s photo prompt is “love”.

I took this photo, and I think it is love.

Why love?

Three years ago, we lost a family member who we still very much love.  Bob was so fucking awesome.  Our hearts were heavy – a part seemed missing  – like we needed to do something.

We walked into the humane society looking to give a home to a senior pet only to find this crazy girl.  I am grateful for her love even when her enthusiasm frustrates us.  I am grateful for my morning cuddles with her. I am grateful when she wiggles her way onto the couch with me, so she can lick my face and lay her head in my lap.

I am grateful she has a home in which to share her love.  We may swear at her and curse at her (but only because she is 90lbs of dog acting like she’s 10lbs in terms of sharing her enthusiasm).  But when she is doing this – passed out on the couch, head under the pillows, kong next to her – I realize how much I love that she has a couch to sleep on.  I love that she has a home that tolerates her, most of the time with laughter.  I love that she is so fucking happy that our biggest frustration is that she loves us too much.


If you want to play along- here are the prompts.  Join in –


What do you think?

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