30 Days – Day 14: Joy

I am grateful for the things I get joy from – and today, I was reminded why pictures and photography bring me joy.  Old photos of times past which bring forth the stories that make you laugh and cry and smile.  The times when I worry that maybe I’m spending too much time behind the camera only to have my kids go “Hey, Mom, I was telling my friend about this photo you took of me when I was 5 – can you send it to me so I can show them?”  The fact that they are reminiscing and know I have captured it for them definitely brings me joy.  Even when I have photos that come up that remind me of people no longer in my life – I feel the ache but am thankful the memory is still there.  Even today, a photo from the past and a friend led to a great interaction of great joy.

And I won’t even talk about the joy my photos bring me.

What do you think?

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