Up and Down

What a weird day.

I’ve been feeling off – like I’m fighting some sort of cold bug.  I finally slept last night. I woke up a bit late compared to what I normally would but given how I was feeling yesterday versus today – I knew the cause.

I made myself a cup of coffee and took my allergy drugs in hope they would help.

Unsure if they did.

I logged onto the computer and started checking email and all. Yesterday, I heard from a recruiter that he was tossing my resume into a pool of candidates even though I wasn’t qualified.

This morning?

I learned I had been short listed for the job.


Why weird? It isn’t going to be a hard job – just one I haven’t done directly before.  I know how it is done – I know why – just have never done it before.  They seem willing to pay my hourly rate, so a job is a job.

After that call, I decided to go off and run errands.  During it, I talked to my dad.

My uncle who has been battling cancer has chosen hospice at home.  They expect maybe 3 weeks left.

I’m honestly not surprised.  The kind of cancer he has is one that a good friend of mine specializes in as a doctor.  She has told me enough about it from a doctor’s perspective that I know what a diagnosis and treatment means.  And it is not good.

My mom has been going back and forth about what to do. My dad is pushing her to make the trip back to the midwest to say good-bye.  They are making arrangements now. Her brother and her mother both passed while she was out here unable to get back.  He knows (as do I) that she regrets that. So, they are figuring out how she can get the time off to go back to see him.

Good news coupled with bad.

Then I got a call from a friend and former cohort of mine.  He told me about the job he is about to start. And oh – oh I was giddy for him – and for the prospect of working at the same company and for him.

I learned years ago that I can lead but really, my bread and butter is being a #2 in charge.  This guy would be an awesome leader – and I’d be proud to be his #2 in charge.  He is thinking the same thing.

“Well, I’ll do what I need to do for myself – but I’m going to take any job you toss my way. Just so you know.”


Oh, and I should mention that this job may result in a trip to Alaska.  I hate to fly, but fuck. A trip to Alaska? I’ll pack my camera and a valium.

But that job may be 120 days out.   Here’s hoping that the timeline is shortened.

Meanwhile, for unemployment, I must apply for other jobs.  I am doing just that. Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting the unemployment office for that last step.  G is encouraging me to do what I need to do to make it 100 more days.  I doubt I can make it there. A nice idea but not likely going to happen.  Though, I must admit that each time I think I am at the end of money and such, something happens and we get an influx that keeps things going just fine.  I hear you, Universe – I won’t settle.

As I admitted when talking to my friend, even if I choose to take a job – I would quit my job to go work for him. I owe no one anything. I take that back – I owe me what I need.


What do you think?

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