Unexpected Surprises

Friday night, something popped into my head that made me think of my friend TL.

Ah, TL.

TL and I go way back.  WAAAY back.  He came into the picture when G and I were doing the swinger thing.  He was playing with a unicorn friend of ours, and she introduced me to him – and him to us too.  He and I hit it off quickly.  He is a geek. I am a geek.  He is kinky. I am kinky.  And for whatever reason, we hit it off in so many ways.  I can’t pretend I understand the chemistry and all.

I remember the first time I met him was when our unicorn friend arranged with G for them to come by and surprise me.  Oh, they surprised me all right.

Being tied to the bed.

Molested by him and our unicorn friend and G.

And then feeling him slide into my ass as G slid into my cunt.

Oh, yeah – I remember that time well.

And there are even photos because our unicorn friend had grabbed my camera.

Truth was that he and I had a connection bigger than our unicorn friend in common.  There were times when I would randomly get a text message from him asking if all was well because he had this feeling that things were not.  He was always right.  Hell, I recall once when he and I had been texted each other at the exact same time with the exact same thing.   It was how things seemed to work with us.

He was the first person I played privately with.  Before G and I only played together, but given the kink levels of TL and me, we played alone several times.  The play was kinky and fun and ahhh.  He really pulled me out of my shell.  Truly.

He was also responsible for G and me getting invited to a popular private swinger party.  I met another play partner or two (both kinky swingers in denial) – and G met others too.

TL joked at one point that he and I must have been siblings or something in a past life.  “Siblings?” I asked. “If we were siblings, we were really doing some fucked up shit to each other.”  But seriously, we were connected that way.  Protective over each other – but knowing what each other needed and more than willing to give it.  The texting example? I would love to say that was only once or twice but that was constantly.  We always had each other’s back.  Hell, I lost someone who was trying to be my friend when she did something I did not like I learned where my loyalties laid.

Years ago, when he was embracing his kinky side, we ran into each other at a party.  He grabbed me, lifted me out of the air, and gave met he biggest hug as he swung me around. Later a few people I knew were like “who was that?” They had not expected the big show of affection.  Honestly, it took me to a good place that night – knowing someone was there that truly had my back – no questions asked.

So Friday.  Friday something reminded me of him.  I messaged him something short and sweet.  A “Missing you – thinking about you – hope you are well” type of message.

The message back was much longer.  God, I had almost forgotten how much we had connected.

In the middle of his message he asked, “how are you? I mean, really, how are you because I don’t feel you have been well and I worry.”

It has been years, and he still can feel me — even so far away.

“I love how much you have grown,” he commented in one message.

“We have both evolved beyond what we thought we were,” was my response.

He has always been a good one.  Though too far away – and with needs I could not fulfill entirely. Fuck, it was one of the reasons I loved him but hate the situation – he knew what he needed and held fast to it.  I could never hate him for that.

But I’m happy to realize after all of this time, just how close he really still is.

Even when it appears that things had drifted apart.

What do you think?

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