I miss….

I miss….

I miss being beaten -a hard impact scene.

I miss being forced to my knees, told to take his cock into my mouth and suck. Making it wet. Taking it deep. I miss looking up at the face of him to see his reaction.

I miss bending over the bed – the arm of a sofa – and feeling his cock in my cunt. Feeling a fist in my hair. Feeling his cock slap into me – his balls hitting my cunt as the impact occurs.

I miss feeling his hand – slapping my ass. I miss his fingers finding a nipple. I miss the sound that left my mouth as the combo of the impact with his fingers caused me to moan and squeal.

I miss his cock slamming into my ass.

Those that do not know me will be careful….they will ease it into may ass.

Those that know me well – will drive it home.  They will know my cries of pain are also infused with pleasure.  He will know that I need it – want it – and take it because it is what I crave.

And if they are really good? They will know the magic mix of ass fucking and pain that will result in me leaving a puddle on the floor – groans and screams echoing in the room.   All signs that I’m in bliss.

At the end, I will be a puddle. I will be happy and satiated.  I will simply want to curl up – cuddle – and ride the waves of energy that I feel.

Yeah, I miss that.

What do you think?

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