A Change of Direction

“Hi Emmy.. I have a website that follows inclusive rugby teams in the US and Canada. I saw your photos of the local rugby match this weekend, and I was wondering if it was okay to share some of them on the site? Of course, I credit you as the photographer. Please let me know if its okay to post them. Thanks”

The message I got tonight.  G had a rugby match today, and as is my habit, I shot photos of the match.  Almost 500 photos of which about 380 were good.  I posted them to Facebook, tagged the teams in them, and alerted the various teams as to their existence.  As is my habit, I reminded people that they could use them for their own personal use – just don’t remove my photo tag on them.  Or if they do, make sure photo credit is given.

A few hours later – that was the message I got.

“Wow – thanks for asking! Yes, you may use them.  I look forward to seeing the web post.”

Last week, I realized how unmotivated I am to find another IT job.  While getting ready for the show, I discovered that my Square account gave me an option for creating a web store.  A web store?  Hmm…

I’ve had a number of people comment over the last few months that they would totally buy my photographs.  I decided to see if they would, so I did some research on pricing and options for “framing” for hanging.  Friday, I built out a website, ordered my wood panels, and started browsing my photo library and prints to see what I wanted to post.

Christmas is coming.

Plus, a number of people have expressed a desire to support the “local small business person”.  I’m hoping to exploit that for my own advantage.  Hey, I’m being honest.

Getting that message tonight, well, it makes me feel like I’m on the right path.  That maybe, just maybe, I could make this work.  Sure it won’t be the gig I’m leaving behind in terms of pay, but maybe this is my reward for keeping expenses down in the household.  One could hope.

Until then, I may as well give this a go.  Why not?  What could if hurt?

Maybe it’s time.

What do you think?

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