Photos: A Mansion

I hit a point today where I needed to just go shoot photos. I needed to do something to feed me. A few things just hit me today – and, well, by 11am, I was ready to start drinking.  One of my frustrations with being laid off was it was during the tourist season meaning it was nearly impossible to go take photos of things as there were too many barriers.  No parking – too many people.  Both were key barriers for me.

So today I went up to Pittock mansion – a mansion that sits on top of the hill with a spectacular view of the city.

A view of Mt Hood and downtown Portland

It is amazing. Walking through it, I could not imagine living in it.  Marble stair cases and entry.  Gorgeous ceilings. Gorgeous woodwork. Gorgeous views.

the library
the ceiling in the smoking nook
The view from the living room doors

I have lived in this city for 21 years, and this was the first time I went there to see the views and see the gorgeous house.  I wandered the gate-house which was where the butler and his family lived – and noticed it was clearly build the same year as my house given the same details of woodwork, ceilings, etc.  I loved the kitchen and the tiles.  I was in awe of the wooden counter tops.  And admired the ingenuity of the various showers in the house.  (We think those surround showers are a new trend – well, they had that and more in this mansion over 100 years ago!)

I could not imagine living in a place like that. Though I was jealous of their “sleeping porches” as I think that was where I would sleep every night – being so spread out would be a hard adjustment.  The view though – oh, the view – I’d take that in a minute.

What do you think?

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