“Orchestrated a team to deliver….”

Instead of “managing a team”, you should use words like “cultivated” and “enabled” and “guided”.

Oh fuck me.

The past two days, I have spent hours updating my LinkedIn profile.  I started there because I figured if I updated that, I could download the PDF, then use it for my resume refresh.

My plan worked but damn, it was a lot of work.  Last time I had to do this, I told myself to update things as I go.  No waiting until the last minute – or when I absolutely need it. Nope. Do it as things happen so it is recorded.

Ask me how that’s worked out?

But I finally got it done tonight.

I got it down to 5 pages — just a hair over 4 really.  I’ve been doing so many different types of jobs over the past 20 years that it’s all I could do.  I took out details no longer necessary.  But I left in details I needed as it showed that I am qualified.  I also learned that promotions and new jobs tend to come in October for me.  That was an interesting realization.

Tomorrow, I start sending it out. I will send it to the head-hunters I’ve worked with.  I found a person who was on the verge of hiring me when her budget was frozen by the board of directors – and guess what she’s hiring for? Yeah, a job I can do.  I’ll toss it about and see what happens.  The new company she works for happens to be a firm she founded. Looks like it could be interesting.

“Hiring is picking up” is what I hear from a cohort from my company.  He tried to guilt me into taking something with Nike in early April.  I told him no – he still pushed – so I ignored him and them.  As I expected, he got laid off from them already.  It’s why I wasn’t interested. I told him that too, but what do I know?

So I’ll be reaching out – seeing what is out there – seeing if something is interesting.  Five years ago, I was desperate when I took the job I did.  I am thankful that I am not in that place today. I can chose. I can be methodical. I can find a good fit — not just something that will pay me.

Though, I did realize as I was typing up my experience and all.  This last job did one thing for me. It solidified my position as a person who can make order out of chaos.  Yes, I’m using that in my resume. My references will support that too.

Oh yeah – I guess I should get my references in line before I start applying.  I know they will all do it for me – just need to make it formal.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing first thing tomorrow…..



PS: G keep sending me jobs that are off beat, weird, non-IT, but could be great fun.  Who knows where I’ll land.  Change isn’t bad.

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  1. hubman38 says:

    Random trivia- I have 3 friends who work in Nike’s human performance lab/department/whatever it’s called

    Good luck with the job search!

    1. emmyrtws says:

      Why am I not surprised that you do! 🙂

      That place is hard on IT people. They seem to chew thru them faster than any place I’ve seen.
      Thank you!

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