Motivational Monday

I love Steven Universe. The kids love it and have forced me to watch it.  I’m glad they have.  There are so many times that I want to smile or laugh or cry because of the truth.  But I like this quote – be an experience – make sure you are a good one. A-fucking-men.

I had a talk with one of my kids about this exact thing recently.  Impact and consequence would be different if you just admitted it vs spent a lot of time denying it.  And while she is denying it, she starts feeling like the world is harder on her – like people don’t like her as much.  In the end, it is her constant denial that causes her issues.

I recently told a woman in an exercise group that she should not look at what others are doing but “run her own race”.  When you are running, you cannot run the race of someone else.  You have to stick to your own plan – your own approach – your own skillset.  If you don’t, you are miserable.  Same concept here.

My favorite book.  So much of it makes me want to smile and cry at the same time as I long for a lost and forgotten childhood.  As I mourn a time when I did not want to try to follow a path of an “adult” but instead kept the wonder and explorer of a child.  I sometimes have to remind myself that it is okay to play – to explore – to be.

What do you think?

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