Motivational Monday

(I’m on a boat on vacation, but I scheduled this before I left as I assumed I would be disconnected.)

Tantra teaches that if you give your attention to what is not going right, that you feed it with your energy. And when you feed the bad, you make it grow. Feed the positive – feed the right – feed the good in your life.


What is easy is not always worth having. What you are willing to sacrifice for is always worth having. There is something about giving yourself to something to find who you really are meant to be.


Calm seas do to make the best sailors. It is the choppy. It is the risk. It is the dangerous things that evolve sailors into what they really need to be. Calm seas ill prepare sailors of all that could be. So live. Choose the path that is scary sometimes. Live. Don’t just exist.


Truth. And caring isn’t a bad thing. No matter what people may say.

What do you think?

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