Photos: Fort Vancouver


aka: What I did while I was waiting for DJ to complete her skills test for CPR (adult and child).

The kids’ first day of summer vacation – and DJ spends it getting her CPR and First Aid certification for her summer job as Forest Ninja.  This morning she completed the online testing for it.  This afternoon, she did the skills test in an in-class session.  Sad part? They don’t call the dummies Annie anymore.  I still recall learning CPR the first time.  Being taught to approach the dummy and saying “Annie! Annie! Are you okay??!?”  Upside to her getting this training? I know the changes to CPR that have been made now.

Downside? I’m beyond sick of the teenage, emo bullshit.  I have always said that I would be repaid for what I did to my mom when I was a teen.  Well, it’s happening.  If she gets through this without me killing her? Well, she should consider herself lucky.

I was going to find a coffee shop near the Red Cross, but I was in the wrong neighborhood for it.  So, I went to Fort Vancouver with my camera.  Neat place.  It was a trading post and fur trading location on the Columbia River.  I’m impressed at the buildings that have survived.  The ones that did not have left their mark.  The grass grows around where they are – but not on it, which forever marks the land.

I liked it was kind of stormy – in a spring, storm, Pacific Northwest way.

What do you think?

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