Motivational Monday

When HR would ask what kind of person I was looking to hire, I would always give them most of this list.  You see, I could teach someone the technical pieces.  But I can’t teach them work ethic, being coachable, etc.  I have even found this in my own career.  The fact I am all of these things gets me further than any certificate would.  Any time someone asked me what they should work on to get them further, I would list these things – then list the classes that may help them with the technical pieces.  Never down play these skills.

It’s easy to choose the book for its cover, but it is what is inside that can add to you life.

I know I have written this before – and I will write it again.  Your energy flows where your thoughts go.  If your thoughts are negative – you will feed the negative and manifest it.  If you feed the positive, your energy will go to manifesting the positive.  Choose your thoughts carefully as your thoughts can become your reality.

Feel like you’re drowning? Stand up.  While yes, we can drown in just a few inches of water, it’s is staying there that causes our death.  Want to save yourself? Move.  Fight? Don’t accept it.  Stand up.

What do you think?

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