Fun with Artists


Tomorrow night is my second art opening at the club – a swinger’s club that was revitalized under new ownership and with a new attitude.

The first art show as incredibly successful.  We had twice the crowd as we ever had with the old club.  It was fucking incredible.  Truly.

I hope for half the crowd tomorrow.

The two artists are good but their egos are in the way.  The main artist who is showing nearly 30 photos is more interested in using this show as advertising than to sell shots.  And his photographs? They are interesting but not unique.  And the artist himself? Fuck.  I gave him guidance.  A previous artist gave him guidance.  And his dominate side resulted in him ignoring us both – and doing whatever the fuck he wanted.  Sadly, he did it at the detriment of his own show.  Fuck him.

The other artist showing a small amount of his work gave me shit.  He knows what works and what does not.  He gave me a shitload of does not.  Ugh.

Then on top of it all is the dime-store-dom – a guy who has a horrible reputation in the kink community – not only for his shitty toys (literally from the dollar store)  but also because he likes young, underaged girls.  The kink community is split between “people are mean to him” and “we should lynch him”.  Fuck.  Well, he is a model in one of the shots.  I’m trying to keep him from being a target because, I know, the club will be a target.  So I put him in a corner no one will notice.  If asked, I will tell the truth.  I hate it was put in there to begin with.

Then – THEN – one of the photographer’s made a fucked up, snide remark on a public forum.  I read it – read it to G – then replied with a WTF?  The person seemed like he was smiting the club for a state law.  Fuck that.  And that was pretty much my response.

I cannot wait for this week to be done. Fuck – I wish this fucking year was done.

What do you think?

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