Photos: Bridge Hike

One of the things I’ve been doing as much as I can while I’m laid off is take photos.  I have missed feeling the urge to go out and photograph things because stress was too high or not enough time or not enough mental power to feel inspired.  It’s great to feel the muse come back – to feel inspired to shoot again.

Case in point: I dragged G out to shoot two of the bridges in our city.  This involved a hike part way up a very steep trail – which has a trailhead located off a very busy road. It was truly an adventure with wonderful results.

After hiking up to get the shots, I came home and headed to my photo office where I downloaded the photos, did some tweaking to them, and printed off several of them.  I love having a dedicated space where I can do it all right there.  The cat likes it too because I can pet him as I do it.

Train bridge

St John’s Bridge with a glimpse of Cathedral Park located under it.

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