A Photographer’s Rant

I get that that all our devices these days have cameras.

Our smart phones

Our tablets

Our computers

I get it.

I really do.

On Sunday though, I wanted to knock all of those fucking devices out of people’s hands.


Because I could not get a shot with my camera as everyone else was dealing with devices that were not cameras…..so they could find whatever angle and height they wanted to get the photos.

And I ……I could not find a spot in which I could point my camera where I would not catch people or arms or cameras so I could take a photo of my own kid.

When I tried to go in front and below them? People ran in front of me because “great idea – they should do that to!”

I was trying to get a couple of shots.  There were almost 300 people testing for a black belt level — and it was more important that people got a spot to get a shot than to give everyone a chance to get a shot.  I even stood back at one point and figured I would let people get a shot or five, then they would step away and I could get a shot.


They got their spot – and they were planning on staying there until they were told to go sit down.  It was beyond fucking rude.

And while I was at my most frustrated? The event coordinator for the test grabbed the mike and said “I get you all want photos – but I paid for a professional photographer to take shots for our marketing material and all – so you need to let him do his job.  Take your shots and sit down – let others have a chance.”

A-fucking-men, sister!

I think the thing I was most disgusted at the entire event was the fact it wasn’t a one-time issue, it was a five-hour issue.  My kid is one of seven – SEVEN – people testing for a 3rd degree black belt or above –  and I still had a challenge getting photos of it when those seven people tested as one group.  I was almost on the mats with them – and someone would decide to sit in front of me and hold up their large tablet to record it.  IN FRONT OF MY CAMERA!

I get that taking a photo with a device vs a camera is a different thing.  I do it myself sometimes when I don’t have a camera.  But damn, people need to understand that those of us who still use cameras have limitations that they may not.  I cannot hold my camera above my head and take a decent photo because, well, I cannot see thru the viewfinder unless it’s in front of my face.  Plus, take a few shots then get out of the fucking way for others.  Seriously.  You don’t need to record a group photo. Group photos are time for snap-shots— not video.  Yet way too many people were doing it.

I was thankful I got a handful of shots.  But even with some of them, you saw people in front of me – people who decided to get into the middle of my show or that they deserved the view even though they didn’t have anyone testing at that time.  I have done numerous tests with her on this scale, and I have never encountered so many people who seemed entitled and selfish about taking photos.  It was baffling to me.

SO I implore people who only have a non-dedicated-camera device for which they take photos — be considerate.  Take your shots then let others have a turn.  We all want to capture the moment in time – it is not a moment only for you – but for everyone.

/end rant


What do you think?

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