Reading Before Bed

When I’m reading at night, I rarely read anything new because I’m a horrible reader who will for-go sleep in order to read the entire book.  As a result, I learned long ago that if I need to wind down my brain that I need to read something I’ve read before.  Reading something new is the recipe for no-sleep, not sleep.

The other night, I chose a book on my Kindle I had not read in awhile: Rumors by Alison Tyler.

Big mistake.

Why? Because it’s about a closeted kinky woman who leaves a relationship which is kinky but not the healthiest – moves to a small town where she finds herself searching for what she needs among the rumors.

I was screwed when I read the first scene where he bends her over the bed, uncoils his leather belt, and proceeds to stripe her ass over and over again with the belt.  Then he grabbed her by the hair and fucked her hard as he swatted her ass with the other hand.


Relaxing in bed, reading something like that, does quite the opposite of making me sleep. It riled me back up.  Until I slid my hand between my legs and found that place that would make me cum…..and all the while, I thought of being bent over his bed.  Cursing Fred or the switchy bitch or whatever the fuck he chose……then feeling him slam into my ass … hand in my hair, the other swinging a paddle as he fucked me hard….knowing I’m leaving a puddle on his floor as I moan and scream and swear and moan some more..

Then, when done, collapsing on the bed with him……

….then, I slept……slept better than reading this fucking book.

Guess if sleep is my desire, I’d better find a different one….


What do you think?

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