My Weekend aka Roller Coaster

Friday night ended on a high that left me that way for a few hours after I returned home.  Back in December, SB and I made plans to see a Pink Floyd cover band as they played the Dark Side of Oz…….Dark Side of the Moon as synched up with the Wizard of Oz playing on the screen behind them.

There are a few things from my childhood that make me truly, blissfully happy.  The book The Secret Garden is one of them.  The Wizard of Oz is another.  Each year about this time of year, they would play it on TV – and that movie was an event in the house.  We watched it each year – sitting together on the couch, singing along as “We’re off to see the wizard…” was being sung, acting all scared as “lions and tigers and bears, oh my” was playing, cackling like the Wicked Witch.

Even as an adult, the nostalgia that movie brings within me just makes me grin.  Seeing a band play live music that synchronizes with the storyline of the movie?  Just beyond giddy is where I land.

Layer onto it the fact that this has been SB and my first real date in weeks due to illness (mine and his), and it was a spectacular night that only would have been made better if I could have gone home with him to come down and sleep it off.

But alas, I came home because at o-dark-30, I had to take G and DJ to the airport for their adventure……a long overdue trip to Korea.  My high of the night before, little sleep before having to rise, and nervousness that they had a 12 hour ahead of them was met with two people who were bouncing off the walls because they were going to KOREA!!

By the time I got home from the airport, I was tired but unable to sleep – their energy coursing through me. I tried and finally got to sleep hours later. But my day was fucked.

My energy was all over the place.  I was tired. I was too awake with anxiety over the fact they were flying.  I was trying to find motivation in doing something – anything.  But it was not happening.

I went to bed about 8pm.  I had gotten a few things done – but was just cooked. So I layed in bed watching a movie as DJ’s cat milled around exploring and looking for her.  I dozed off just as I got a message from both DJ and G saying they had landed.  They were off to find their guest house (G being G opted for a traditional guest house with pallets on the floor vs a western hotel).  I learned this morning that they had found their place (after some confusion — they are in a very old part of the city where addresses get you close but not to the destination).  After arriving and chatting with their host in broken Korean and English, they had dinner with their host and a Japanese student who was also staying at the guest house.  Both G and DJ commented that dinner was so incredible that it took all of their restraint not to lick the plate.

Then they slept – but not before I got another message of good-night from them … 4:45am my time.

I was happy they were safe and happy.

I had a cat that was not happy that her owner was gone.

And I just wanted good sleep.

I finally got up at about 10am.  I have taken today as a quiet day.  I have needed it.

But to have a weekend of high highs and low lows and a lot of in between has taken a lot out of me.

I need a recovery day from my recovery days.

Hopefully tonight I will sleep.

What do you think?

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