Motivational Monday – Sweet 16 Edition

Today, my oldest DJ turns 16.


Six – teen.

Holy fuck – where has the time gone?

So today, motivational monday is focused on advice that I want to give her on this milestone birthday.

Stand out – don’t worry about fitting in. You are bigger than the crowd.


Don’t do it. Want more – believe you deserve more – strive for me. Mediocre is not a place to settle. You deserve the best – believe that.


Never look at someone else and believe their success is bigger than your own. Some people make their own accomplishments look bigger than they really are. Believe in yourself – focus on you – and your success will grow and surprise you. And that’s all that is important really.


It is easy to look at all of your interest and wonder how you can be so random. Your outdoor survival stuff. Your art. Your martial arts. Your science love. These things are far from random. They feed you – they are required – they have made you who you are. Continue to nurture them – and never apologize for these “random” interests. They are all going to make you have a spectacular future. I cannot wait to see what more you do.

What do you think?

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