Make It Stop!!

My brain won’t leave me alone today.

When I step back and look at the situation, the why is no surprise.

  • I am trying hard to get a bunch of work related stuff done so that it wraps up on Monday as I had planned.  Of course, everything I’ve needed for this little project came to me this morning causing me to rush around trying to pull it all together so that the people who need to review it can review it before I hand it over on Monday.  5 hours solid of writing later, I had it ready for them to review. (The review is still causing email debate between them.)
  • I’m excited that I get to spend tonight with SB going to the concert we have both been looking forward to attending.  We got the tickets months ago, so it’s exciting that it’s finally here.
  • DJ and G travel internationally tomorrow morning.  There is so much for them to get done tonight.  They need to pack. They need to photograph all of their passports and credit cards and other ID.  They need to make sure they have tickets printed and passports ready.  They need to make sure DJ has all of her training gear for while she’s there.  They need to get their camera gear and chargers for electronics and the international power strip I bought them.  They need to pack their carry-on bags too with all they need for on the plane.  (Not a short flight but thankfully direct.)
  • Indigo is going away this weekend so I’m thinking about what she needs for that trip including appropriate casual, meeting attire and formal attire.  Then I also have to worry about what she needs to have ready for when she gets back Sunday because Monday she leaves for my in-laws house.
  • I’m worried about G on the plane because he’s had a cold all week – and hope he’s okay being at high altitude for a very long flight.
  •   And – the thought I keep not allowing to sit in my mind is the mama bear one – the one that hates that my kids are going to be outside of my protection.  The one that will worry about them too.  The one I keep chasing from my brain by telling it that it’s natural for the mama bear to be up in arms by all of this – but all will be fine – everyone will have fun.  And all will be safe and happy.   But until I know that – mama bear thoughts are circling my brain.

These are all of my thoughts this afternoon.  All the crazy thoughts that have kept me on my toes but made me tired.

I know some of it is all anticipatory.  That once the wheels on some of these things start in motion that all will be fine.  But until then, they will continue to bounce around until I can make them stop.

Here’s hoping I can at least get them settled between now and Sunday morning.

What do you think?

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