Words That Found Me….Again

Today was a day where words found me…..everywhere I turned….

Like these —

To say I haven’t thought this would be a lie. Holy fuck – some people can’t understand with crayons, cartoons, and balloon animals trying to get them to understand.

I just felt this one today.  Tears are NOT weakness. Tears are just another form of communicating – love – grief.


This one kicked me in the ass.  There are things I need to let go of – things I have tried to let go of but cannot for some reason as they continue to haunt me. Or at least, that is how I was feeling.  Then I read these words – and I was taken back to being 11 years old. My friend invited me to go camping with her and her grandparents.  Camping involved water skiing – something I had never considered doing.  Why? Because at 11 years old, I knew how to float but not how to swim.  Water skiing seemed an impossibility.  I learned the wonders of a ski jacket that day. No swimming required.  They told me what to do, and they took off. I went up – then flat on my face – then wondered when they were going to stop.  I finally let go.  They looped back around to get me the rope when my friend’s dad yelled “Oh yeah – we forgot to tell you – if you fall down, let go of the rope else we will just drag you.”  Let go of the rope…..a simple concept.  And one that goes further than just water skiing, as today I was reminded.

What can I say? I like the new Muppets because of things like that.

And finally – what can I say – I’m feeling SB a lot tonight – today really….so this comes to mind…


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