Rare Form

“You are in rare form this morning.  Did you smoke your breakfast?”

Before I address the first half of that, I will  confirm that no breakfast was smoked. Just had my usual morning coffee.  I gave my friend the following bullet pointed list as to why I am in rare form this morning.

  • I started my work morning off with a visit from a project manager from the department whose project I was just removed from project managing.  Her question: “OMG – this group is so broken – how would you fix it?!” We started talking then she asked “what should I do to fix it – will you help me figure it out?”  Ah, the irony of it all.  How can you not have a giggle at that?
  • I get to see SB tonight after work.  How can I not be a little more giddy when I get to do that?!  Especially after the good two days we had together last weekend.
  • Everyone at work today has to be on their best behavior.  The company acquiring our company is visiting.  So we were all told to clean up our cubicles and dress “business casual”.  This morning as I was telling G about this dress code, I wondered aloud if they should have specified which business casual: the universally accepted business casual or Portland business casual.  These are two different things.
  • Bear Rape.  Seriously.  A news article popped on my “trending feed” about how Fox had to release a statement denying that the upcoming Leo DiCaprio contained scenes where the bear rapes his character.  Apparently The Drudge Report reported that it did – two rape scenes apparently  – so the studio had to release info that the report was false.  Then the reporters went on to explain bear sexuality.  I passed this info on to a friend who is going into the woods soon.  I told her that way she can prevent bear rape.  That may have led to the above comment.
  • A group has reached out to me to see if I will curate their art for their new space.  I told them I would love to sit down and talk to them about doing it.  I just want to make sure they are doing it right & with the right support for the artists.  They were eager to talk to me – and excited I was interested.  The enthusiasm came through the emails.  Then I reached out to a couple of artists to see if this did come to fruition, would they be interested in showing.  Both responded with “if you say they are doing it and doing it right, then we are in.  We trust you to do it right.”  WOW!!!  I’m floored.  I have had a couple of people tell me that I shouldn’t be floored but I can’t help it – I am.  When you are doing it, you don’t always get the kudos. To have people flock back because you have a good reputation is a great feeling. I do hope it works out.

So why am I in a rare form? I’m in a good place.

And when in a good place – I’m going to savor it!

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