Highlights Of My Work Day

Matt Haughey decided to replace the guns in the hands of GOP candidates with dildos and vibrators.  This one made me laugh.  Some of the others did too – but maybe a talking dildo holding a giant double dildo…..well, insert (ahem) joke here.  Lube optional.

A friend of mine today sent me a blurb she read on a news site:

“Yep. That was a toad-strangler! In the past 24 hours (since 2 pm Sunday), Portland airport has received 3.22 inches. That is the most rainfall in any 24-hour period in December for the airport. It shatters the previous record of 2.59 inches set back on 12-13th Dec of 1977.”

Her question: “WTF is a toad-strangler!?!?”

Heavy downpour of rain that can cause flooding.

I relay this to another friend and comment: “If the “toad-stranger” is done right, it leads to a heavy downpour of, ahem, “rain”.

Then I told her that “according to wiktionary, its synonyms are “cob-floater” and “”Lightwood-knot floater” and “sod-soaker” and “gully-washer” ” ……

Then my mind blew up because too many snarky comments, too fast……kaboom!

Another friend pointed out that if you lick the toad before strangling it that it could be more magical.

Wise words for all occasions.

Yes, this is what I did at work today.


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