Squeeze Me

For the new teen’s final birthday event, G got us all tickets to see Ain’t Misbehavin’ at a neat theater in downtown Portland.  It was an old armory that sat sort of vacant for years until someone bought it and converted it into this amazing modern theater.  The architecture that went into the inside is quite stunning. And there is not a bad seat in the house.

I had never seen the performance before. G got us tickets because A) He loves musicals and B) He heard this one was amazing and C) Fats Waller is the pianist they do a movie about in the movie “Be Kind Rewind”.

I expected music but I expected a story like one comes to expect in a theatre performance.  What we got was 90 minutes of song after song – no real dialog.  A spinning set that is hard to explain except it was used to move from one story to another in the show as the set would turn to the next set – and actors and actresses would walk through doors or climb up stairs.  It was a neat piece of engineering and creativity.

One of the songs was performed – and I couldn’t help but think of my own Daddy.  Crazy weekend – no time to escape to see him – yeah, I am missing him like crazy.  And during that song, I couldn’t help but reach out to him.  Couldn’t help but wishing I was in his arms, on his couch or in his bed  – just sinking into him and he into me.

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