Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory is the phrase my daughter uses to describe how her body takes over a task – even if my mind doesn’t think she can do it.  Her body does that because her body has done it so many times that it is no longer something she can think about – she just needs to let her body do it – almost like breathing – without a thought.

There are certain things in my life that have left a response that is like that muscle memory thing she talks about. Where when the factors are right, my body simply reacts without realizing that so many other things are not in play. I rarely mind because the reaction – the muscle memory response it too good.

For example:

A couple of years ago, SB and I were going to a play party.  I was wearing my short kilt.  I wore panties because we were walking a few blocks in public – and the kilt was short – and I didn’t want to cause a scene.  While we were walking there, his hand was on my ass – and, having felt something unusual – he slid it up a leg and under the kilt to announce: “you are wearing panties.”

We got into the party.  We were talking around when we stopped.  He kissed me hard – possessing my mouth, then his mouth moved to my neck.  I heard him almost growl, “I cannot believe you are wearing panties”.  I turned me to face the wall, lifted the back of my kilt…..

….then I heard it….

….the sound of his knife opening….

I felt the blade slip under each side of my panties – then felt then fall away.

The other day, I heard the sound of a knife opening behind me.

It was not a threat but a situation where someone had opened a knife to cut an apple or open a box.  Still, my physical response was the same….

…I closed my eyes….

….I felt my body submit to the situation….

….and my pussy – it gushed from the sounds.

And I wished I was not at work, but at home where at least I could take care of my intense arousal.

Instead, I was at work – I had to contain myself – and wish I was pushed up against the wall – wish his hands were on me – wish we were together – so we could go back to a room and enjoy the situation.

There are other things just like this….

….a coffee shop where in the parking lot we kissed – and reconnected and rediscovered what we had and needed to have.

….or the bar where we have spent a few great nights – dancing – listening to music – drinking good beer….and remembering.

Each situation – each place – leads to an almost muscle memory response.

Where the reality of where I’m at falls away.

And the memory plays so strongly through my head that my body simply responds – my soul longs for that moment.

Funny how this happens….

….Thank the gods new and old it happens….


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