That VooDoo That He Do

I went to my chiropractor appointment today. I arrived to find only one person in the waiting room – surprising really given how hopping that place can be.  “Do you want to go lay on the bio-mat?” the receptionist asked.  “Sure, why not” I replied.  This mat lays atop of a massage table where I lay on a buckwheat filled pillow and my feet are propped by a tubular pillow.  The room was dark, silent, and had perfect calming energy in it.  I’m sure they would credit either the aromatherapy in the room or the salt lamp. Fuck, I didn’t care.  I laid there and focused on my breathing – letting my eyes close, my hands lay facing up.  In and out – forcing all of the bullshit from my day to flow away.  In and out – I felt myself sink into the table.  My breath which was having to be forced in and out started settling into a slow, calm rhythm.  I was heaven.  I know how to meditate.  It is just hard sometimes to find the place – the calm – to do it.  Not today.  I had wondered how much time was passing then let go of that thought too – enjoyed my time – relaxing deeper.  It was heaven.

Then I went in to get adjusted.  He looked at me like he was reading my body language or something even though I was just sitting there.  He adjusted this and that – then started “talking to my body”.  “Why are you frustrated?” he finally asked.  “My job is frustrating – I am expected to perform with the support – without the proper setup of the project – and when things aren’t going right because of what they have given me – it’s my fault.”  “Ah, so you feel it’s unfair ….let me check,” he asked my body some more things – “yeah, it’s unfair. Do you feel it’s personal?” “Nah, it’s the way they operate – if anything they expect more from me because I am good at doing a lot with nothing – but this time I couldn’t fix it.”  He made some more adjustments telling me when to breath in and out – then made me say aloud “I will stop keeping my work stress in my body – I release it” I said it but screwed it up – he laughed and said close enough.  “No remember that,” he said as he sent me from the room.

What a weird fucking visit – weird and perfect.


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